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Endless Ocean FAQ

What is Endless Ocean?

Endless Ocean is a dive simulation game for the Nintendo Wii System. You can choose to do as little or as much as you like. There is a short storyline to follow and complete to see the end credits but the game is generally non linear and you can choose to follow the story or dip in and out of it whilst exploring other areas and collecting information about the hundreds of species in the game.

You begin with an empty map but each time you dive in a blank area and return to your boat the area is uncovered on your map and any specific areas found are highlighted.

How do I collect information about the sea life?

Whenever you see a fish or sea creature that you have not seen before you point the curser on the creature until it glows yellow and rumbles slightly. Then you press and hold A and wiggle the wii mote from side to side until you see the fish sparkle and there will be a chiming sound, this indicates that you have gained one level of information about the creature.

I'm stroking the fish but it won't sparkle ... HELP!

Don't worry, you don't smell, not all fish respond to stroking, some need to be fed to make them give up their information or for many creatures in the abyss you need to use the underwater pen. I found writing 'Hi Fishy' and hanging around for a little while was sufficient to get even the most difficult fish to part with their information. I have read that having other fish swim with you also helps to get information, but I have seen no evidence of this as yet.

I can only get one piece of information ... why???

You can only gain one piece of information per creature per day. If you have received a piece of information about the fish you will not be able to gain anymore information until the next day no matter how long you stroke them for.

Can you really have Dolphin friends?

Yes. As you progress through the game you will encounter different dolphin species during dives. When you get one piece of information on them (by stroking) and return to the boat you will get the option to descend the ramp and add it as one of your companions. You will then be able to select the Dolphin to accompany you on dives. They are quite helpful as they will signal over hidden items and call to get your attention.

How do I find the hidden spots if they are .... hidden?

As you are swimming over the ocean bed/coral reef or near walls or ceilings of caves you will notice a chiming sound and will see a flashing ball. If you point your curser at that point and zoom in using the + key you will find the hidden item. Also, as stated above if you dive with one of your dive companions and stay close to them they will point out hidden items and call to get your attention.

What are the hidden items?

When you zoom into the flashing area you could see a number of things, you may see small fish, sea creatures or pieces of 'treasure'. You interact with the sea life the same as you would normally to gain information on them. To pick up the treasure you need to press A&B together on the item and it will automatically be added to your inventory.

I have been asked to act as a dive guide, what do I do?

Throughout the game you receive messages requesting you to be a dive guide. The message will contain details of who wants to go on the dive and where they want to go. To accept the job, click send on the message and it will then ask you to select the location you wish to take your client on the dive.

The client will then arrive at your boat and tell you a particular sea creature that they want to see. Use your tools menu to select 'dive' and your client will join you on the dive. Whilst diving take care to always keep your client with you, if you go to far away or out of sight, i.e. over a ledge or into a cave your client will loose sight of you and you will have to go and find them and lead them out of the area.

Shortly after completion of the dive you will receive an email from the client giving you a grade. It is very easy to get an A Grade, all you have to do is find the sea creature that your client has requested to see and interact with it. You can also make your client happier by showing them a variety of sealife,it is possible to receive an A grade this way without finding the sea creature requested by the client.

What's this I hear about an Aquarium?

Early in the game you will be given access to an aquarium where you can keep a selection of fish that you have gained information on. Just navigate the easy interface to add the sea creatures you want in there ... you can even add a Humpback Whale!

Can I take photographs?

Yes, relatively early in the game you will receive a camera, you can use this to take pictures of the sealife and save them in your album in the boat cabin.

It is a good idea to take snaps of the less common fish when you see them and store them your photo album to use if you receive such a request. It is quite difficult to receive an A grade for a submitted photograph but if you get grade C or above your photograph is used in a diving journal and you receive an image of the article.

To get a high quality picture you have to use the advanced settings on the camera tool and ensure that the creature you are trying to capture is in the center of the shot and the whole creature is in the frame. It's really just trial and error, practice makes perfect. You will not get a good grade for photographs taken in the aquarium.

What about wifi?

To dive over wifi with a friend you first need to click on the steps leading to the water on the left hand side of the boat. From here you can navigate the options to acquire your personal friend code and insert friends codes. You can then select to invite a friend to come to your boat or go out to their boat. When you are on the boat with your friend you can communicate using the quick reply feature, however, this is very limited and their are only four options which makes communication very difficult. If you select 'dive' from your tools menu both you and your friend will enter the water. Once underwater you can swim with your friend.

Personally I find wifi frustrating and a little pointless. You cannot gather information on creatures found on the dive if you have selected to go to your friends boat to dive from as it shows the information gathered by the other player. Conversation is limited to the underwater pen and it can be very frustrating to find something on the sea bed only to lose sight of it when your friend moves out of the chosen dive area.


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