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Endless Ocean Game Guide

As with the rest of this site, this page is work in progress. I will add more as I get round to it.


1) Controls
2) Cabin Items
3) Areas (marked)
a)Area (unmarked/secrets)
4) Hidden Creatures (locations of hard to find fish)
5) Dive Tools
6) Items to Collect
7) Walkthrough/Guide
8) Permissions & Legal

1. Controls

A - Pointing
A whilst holding down B - Grab (To pick up treasure for the ocean floor)

B - swim
B - move
B - cancel

- Auto swim
- Zoom out when focused

+ - Zoom in (use with flashing/beep areas to find hidden sea creatures/treasure)
+ - While using the camera, zoom in

1 - Display Map
1 - At the Aquarium, replace sea creature

2 - Change view
2 - When using the camera - detailed settings

Control Pad

Display tools menu (see tools)
Left/right - navigate tools menu
Down - close tools menu
up (during wifi) quick chat

2. Cabin Items

Clock - Rest until morning/night
Camera - Develop Photos
Album - view photos
Read Mail
Log book - view species found
Save book
Move boat (see marked areas section)
Change (goggles) - Change Equipment (see list of equipment below)

Throughout the game you will receive several additions to your wardrobe for a variety of tasks. You can change your suit, hair, jacket, gloves, fins and tanks using the goggles in the cabin. This List includes all the items I have found so far using the female character. These items may change if you are using a male character. I will update this list with more information as it is discovered. Included in the update will be the tasks needed to be completed to acquire each item.

SuitsHairstylesJacketsGlovesFinsTanks HibiscusMild Brown Dolphin Catcher Blue Elegant Blue Silver ButterflyMild Black Whale Catcher Red n/a Natural Mix Leaf GreenModern Brown Azure Catcher Yellow n/a n/a Coral MarineModern Black n/a n/a n/a n/a CalmModern Platinum n/a n/a n/a n/a CuriosityChic Blonde n/a n/a n/a n/a TwinkleChic Platinum n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aLoose Blonde n/a n/a n/a n/a n/aBunched Blonde n/a n/a n/a n/a 3. Dive Areas (marked)

A4 - Aquarium
C2 - Great Drop Off
D5 - Knives Reef
D6 - Marige Atoll
F1 - Green Garden
G7 - Deep Valley/Crevasse to Abyss
H4 - Rock Land
J3 - Triple Steps
J5 - Wild Channel
J9 - Secret Lake
K2 - Coral Forest
L2 - Blue Hall
L5 - Sunshine Beach
L7 - Mermaid's Grotto
M1 - Lagoon

3a. Dive Areas (unmarked/secrets)

E5/H6/E9 Pirate Ship (moves location) When you board the pirate ship it drifts and takes you to the oceans graveyard

C4 - Hidden Field (between C4 and B4)
D4 - Mahla Baohs Jaw
D6 - (left hand side) Ruins
E4 - Kalah Lygas Pocket
E5 - Sloping Hallway
F4 - Gallery of Souls (near the green area)
G3 - Great Aqua Cave - (near Mermaids Grotto)
G7 - Bond of Creation, (near deep valley on coral reef)
H2 - Taganuah bay
I8 - Ki Tsuo Promenade (narrow passage)
K7 - Ancestral Reef

Hidden Creatures (locations of hard to find fish)

J4 - Sea Star
M3 - Eels
4C - Blue star fish

5. Dive Tools (control pad whilst diving)

Food - Useful for attracting fish to photograph. Used to gain information on
certain fish.

Underwater Pen - Used to communicate with other diver on wifi. Used also to
gain information on certain fish, particularly in the abyss

Camera - Take photographs of the sea life

Whistle - Call your partner (dolphin) that you are swimming with if it is in
the area. Can also be used to interact with other sea life.

Return to Boat - return to your boat when diving

6.Items to Collect

On the deck of your boat to the left of the Cabin door is an item box, this is where all the items you collect off the ocean floor are automatically placed. Many of the items have several pieces to put together to make the complete item. There are four pages in the item box, here is a list of the items I have found so far. I will add more information as I find it, such as, location co-ordinates and the amount of pieces for each item.

Page 1
ItemNumber of PiecesLocation/s
Dolphin MedalOne Blue Hall (on table coral) Ancient Bronze Mirror ? D2, E3/DS Pirate Compass Four J9, B8, H2, ? Storyboard Four F6, E1, H3, K7 Flame Patterned Vessel Four G3, G7, H3, E7 (see guide) Sphere of Manaurai One White Room (E4) Intriguing Idol ? ? Nephrite Inscription ? E3, 2xG7 (see guide) Anomalocaris Fossil ? Secret Cave, Graveyard (C3) Red Coral ? In cave with coelacanth, Graveyard Golden Statue ? Plane Wreck* H7, inside sunken ship* F4, E4* Jingdezhen Plate Four Sunken Ship H4*, Sea bed* H4, G5* I4*
* After boarding the pirate ship and drifting to the oceans graveyard

Page 2
ItemNumber of PiecesLocation/s
?? ? Goddess Shell One J9 (see guide) Vintage Lighter One ? ? ? ? Tin Toy One ? Patricks Pocket Watch (see guide) One Green Garden (see guide) ? ? ? Shark Tooth Necklace ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Antique Cup One G8 ? ? ?
Page 3
ItemNumber of PiecesLocation/s
?? ? Picture Frame One M5 Tiara One Marige Atoll (D6) Expensive Fountain Pen One ? ? ? ? Cassette Tape One F1 ? ? ? ? ? ? Calcified Fossil One Great Aqua Caves (H5) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Page 4
ItemNumber of PiecesLocation/s
?? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Ammonite Fossil One Abyss (F5) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7. Endless Ocean Walkthrough

This is only a loose guide. The storyline is pretty easy to follow if you remember to speak to Catherine every time you are unsure of your next move. The sea creature locations in this guide may change if you do not follow the guide exactly as you may go into another season and so the creatures may not be there. I have yet to figure out how you know what season it is, so if anyone has any information on this please e-mail me or post in the research area of the forums. Also, this guide is using the female character; some of the items you receive in e-mails may change if you are using the male character.


The Dolphin Medal
Helping the Dolphin
The Aquarium
Japanese Bullhead Shark Spawning
Cave Diving
Deep Sea Diving
The Graveyard
The Coleacanth
The Ruins and Marige Atoll
Catherines Purpose
Patricks Pocket Watch
Looking for evidence of the White Mother
Finding the Whales
Placing the Sensors
The White Mother


The game Begins with you being introduced to your shipmate Catherine and you learn that they are Marine Correspondents. After a short chat you will receive your 1st email from Alfred Tollman from the Paoul Republic branch of the Global Marine Foundation asking you to survey of the ocean floors topography in the Coral forest.

Speak to Catherine, she will tell you that she cant swim and will give you the map

Go to tools menu and select dive

Go through the stroking fish spiel and press 1 when instructed to find the X marked on the map, swim towards the X you will enter the Coral Forest where you will see a dolphin detached from its group, you will see this dolphin again later on.

When you arrive at the Coral Forest it says you have finished your survey, well that was quick! Go back to the boat after you have finished looking around and stroking fish

Return to boat and the map will uncover the area you have been diving in. This will happen each time you dive in a new area.

Catherine will then show you a penguin that is wandering around the deck and tell you how to focus on sea life that appears on deck. Check the deck of your boat at least twice per day to see if you have any new visitors. Catherine then tells you that she is putting together a guide to marine life and asks you to find as many species as possible. The guide to Marine life now available from the cabin menu along with the Steering Wheel. At this point it also tells you that the gate is ready for use, so you can now use it to access your friend code and start diving with friends.

Read emails from the cabin and then move the boat and dive wherever you want, It would be a good idea to go to the Blue Hall as this will be somewhere you will need to revisit a little later on. As you dive, get to know all the creatures in the area and they will be automatically added to your log. You can only get one piece of information per day on each fish you encounter.

Return to boat and receive e-mails from any areas you have uncovered and a dive guide request from Aubrey Tollman the Diving Guide Organiser you can choose to do the dive now or later or not at all. Should be night now and if you accept the dive you will receive the underwater light but only for the dive, you wont get to keep it .. yet. On completion of the dive you will receive the underwater pen and the client will leave. Catherine will then tell you to rest until morning

Enter cabin and you will receive an e-mail from Alfred with an attachment containing a new dive suit calm suit .. you can change into it by clicking on the goggles and selecting the suit from the easy menu system.

Click on clock to rest until morning and leave the cabin

The Dolphin Medal

When you look at your Map/ you will see that the Blue Hall has a red cross over it and if you speak to Catherine she asks you if you have found anything interesting there go diving and see what you can find

When you dive into the Blue Hall you will be directed to a flashing point on a piece of coral, you then have the ability to zoom in on your environment whenever you see a flashing point, or whenever you like, however, I have never found anything from zooming in on none flashing areas.

Zoom in to the flashing point on the table coral and you will find a Crowned Seahorse, stroke it to get its info and you will then be directed to another table coral where you will see a Humpback Grouper and Spotted White Sea Slug. Get their info by stroking them, then look around for the third piece of table coral. On the third piece of table coral you will find a Three-spot Dascyllus and a Dolphin Medal, pick up the Dolphin Medal using your A and B button simultaneously.

The dolphin from the coral forest earlier will come onto the screen and this time you get the opportunity to click on it but then it runs away. You are told it is headed for the Lagoon, so finish your dive when you are ready and return to the boat.

Catherine tells you that she will store the items you have found in the box on the deck and the item box is now available

Helping the Dolphin

Move your boat to the Lagoon and go diving, this time the dolphin is in trouble and is stuck in shallow water and you are asked to lead it to safety click on it and it will follow you. Look at your map and lead it out of the Lagoon to the Coral Forest, you can get one piece of information on the dolphin now and learn that it is a Bottlenose Dolphin. Have a look around for any new fish or flashing points and return to the boat when ready

When you return to the boat you will receive the Sea whistle. Descend the ramp at the end of the boat and you will see the dolphin you found. You then get the opportunity to name the dolphin and train it for the first time when you have had enough of making the dolphin perform press the ` B` button to return to the deck. When you get there you will get told that some new diving equipment has arrived .. The Underwater Light at last! You can now dive at night. Go diving to check out your new light.

The Aquarium

When you return to the boat Catherine has a problem. The Paoul Aquarium is due to open next month and she has been asked to take care of the co-ordination, however, they want her to go inside the tank but she cant swim. Of course she asks you to help. Go to the boat and steer to the location of the Aquarium on the map.

Here you can add any of the fish that you have gain information on from the simple menu interface. Return to the boat when you are done and read any e-mails. One of the e-mails you should have received will include a job offer for underwater photography. Leave the cabin and Catherine will give you an Underwater Camera. Now would be a good time to rest until morning unless you want to do anymore night diving

Japanese Bullhead Shark Spawning

You should also have received an email about the Japanese Bullhead Shark spawning at G5 so head there and dive, taking your dolphin with you. There are several flashing points here with new creatures to discover, listen for your dolphins call as it will point out flashing points to you, swim around and you will enter rock land swim to the top right side of G5 and you will find the Japanese Bullhead Sharks on the ocean floor. There are many flashing points here, one contains the Spotted Garden Eel .. feed them to get their info.

Cave Diving

Return to your boat and read e-mails, you should have received an e-mail about some caves, leave the cabin and Catherine will ask about the e-mail. You will now be able to dive in caves and there will be a X on the map, move the boat to the X and dive to the bottom, centre of L7 where you will find the Limestone Caves.

Enter the Cave, You will need to use your map to navigate these caves or it can get very frustrating very fast. There are several items to find here and also many fish, just stroke everything you see and remember to look both up and down. There are four Earthenware Pieces to find in these caves, here are their locations

1. Entrance cave, bottom of G3
2. Great Column, centre of H3
3. Stalactite Maze left of G7 (in passage way dead end)
4. Cascade pool , bottom right of E7

You then need to swim through the waterfall in the Cascade Pool to find the White Room behind, in the centre of this room you will find the Sphere of Manuari (E4)

Return to the boat and Catherine talks to you about the cave, if you found the earthenware pieces she will tell you it is a very significant object and she will let Mr Tollman see it. She will then mention that you have found all the earthenware pieces and will put it together and give you some information about it. She will then talk to you about the Sphere of Manaurai and says the origin is a mystery. Finally you will be able to walk away from her, look in your item box on the deck and you will see the Flame Patterned Vessel (made from the earthenware pieces) and your Sphere. Go check your e-mails and the deck of your boat for visitors.

Deep Sea Diving

The next scene that will occur will show Catherine looking over into the ocean saying IIm so sorry Dad ..II dont think Im ready to finish what you left. You walk over to her and she gets defensive and wont discuss it. If you talk to her after this and you have been following this guide, she will ask you if you have seen the deep crevasse at G6 yet. Look at the map and you will see a X on the map, move the boat to that location. Dive down and you will enter Deep Valley. Head down towards the sand you will start off a cutscene with a large sperm whale swimming into the crevasse, I guess we should follow it, but first of all check the ocean floor out up here

There are several flashing points here one contains a Belt Jelly Fish and another contains a Mauve Stinger, stroke them to add them to your log. Another flashing point is at the edge of the crevasse, top right of F6 it contains Storyboard piece.

Head down into the big crevasse when you get in there it will say you need special equipment and it would be unsafe to go further.

Return to boat where you should receive an e-mail from Alfred asking you to try out a new deep diving special air mixture, now you can dive into one of my favourite places the Abyss. Head outside and Catherine will tell you she has prepared everything for you and deep dives are now possible. She suggests that we try out the mixture and reminds you about the Sperm Whale, time to go diving again

Dive down to the crevasse, once in there, there are many different types of fish, some will give you their info by stroking others need you to use the underwater pen

As you dive deeper and follow the wall round you will see the Whale from earlier and a cutscene will start, Catherine says the whale appears to be guarding something so have a look around the wall and you will see a cave entrance, enter it to gain access to the Crystal Cave (F4 near the small dark green area on the map)

As you swim into the entrance you will see a Megamouth Shark, and a flashing point containing a Giant Sea Spider. Further into the cave you will see a few Snailfish, stroke them to gain their info. There is also a flashing point around here (C3 bottom end) containing a Firefly Squid and a Fossil Piece, stroke the squid and pick up the fossil

You exit the cave around H4 swim across to F6 gathering info on the fish around as you go, near the dark green area in F6 is an entrance to another cave, The Secret Cave enter this cave.

As you enter you will see some Japanese Spider Crabs on the cave floor, stroke them to get their info and continue into the cave. Go past the crabs and up the slope on the left you will see a flashing point on the floor, zoom in to find another Firefly Squid and another Fossil Segment. As you travel a little further you will find a group of Rissos dolphin, stroke one to get its info.

Go forward past the dolphins and you will exit the cave, around the middle of H5 you will see some bubbles, you cannot go through them right now and get pushed away if you try and get near them, come back at night and they will be gone.

Swim around and down stroking any new creatures, there is a flashing point on the wall containing Humpback Angler Fish, stroke them to get their info. As you descend you will enter the Graveyard

The Graveyard

On the floor is the skeleton of some long dead whale with little white fluffy things here and there and a flashing point in the middle of the carcass. Stroke the white things to learn they are Sea Cucumbers and zoom into the flashing area to find another Firefly Squid and the third Fossil Segment. Towards the north end of the carcass is another flashing point on the ground, zoom in to find a Barreleye, stroke to get info

Look around and stroke some fish then look for a wall that looks different form the rest, it is smoother and has fossilised bones sticking out of it, when you point towards the head the wii mote will rumble, press A and it will tell you that you have found some kind of fossil, perhaps a plesiosaur .. interesting. OK, move on and find any other fish that you havent already, when you are ready, return to the boat

On your return, Catherine will say that the mixture performed perfectly, read your emails, check your deck and talk to Catherine, she will say the hydrothermal vents (the bubbles in the graveyard) might stop at night .. hmm, so we need to go back at night time. For now just explore wherever you like until evening.

The Coleacanth

When you return to your boat Catherine will be thinking again, then a cutscene follows and Catherine tells you about a song he mother had taught her and how lots of memories had just come back to her. You should get an e-mail about now about the Flame Patterned Vessel containing a Twinkle Suit

When night time comes, dive into the Abyss and go to the Graveyard where the bubble were, they will be gone now and you will be able to enter a cave in the wall behind. Here you will find the Coelacanth and three flashing points on the floor two containing your first pieces of coral, and one containing some Barreleye

The Ruins and Marige Atoll

Return to your boat and you should receive an e-mail from Alfred asking you to go to Marige Atoll to find Whale Sharks. Rest until morning and set sail there. When you dive there will see a cutscene where you see the Whale Shark, you are told to hold on to it .. just click on it and the scene will continue when you arrive at the Underwater Ruins. You are told to leave the whale for now and go and explore so do so.

Look on your map and head to E3 where you can see a series of passageways, enter them.

There are many flashing points on the walls and floors here so look everywhere they are too hard to list the locations as they are all in a relatively small area but you should find some Bicolour Angelfish, Sapphire Devils, Singular Bannerfish and Bluelashed Butterflyfish.. You will also find a flashing point with clown triggerfish (yg) with your first Statue Piece,

Go through the doorway about halfway along the long passage in the centre of D4 and you will enter the inside of the ruins. Straight away you will see an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse stroke it to get its info. Do not go to the end of this passage you will be wooshed out of the area, instead go right.

As you get to the fork in the path you will see a flashing point on your right on the floor containing an Inscription piece. Swim to the left stroking any new fish you see. There are some Lined Surgeon Fish here. Enter the room at the end, the Room of Oracles. and find a flashing point on the floor for a second Statue Piece. Return to the entrance of the inside of the ruins and this time take the 2nd right to find a Tablet with words engraved on it, click on it then swim out and swim to the light at the end of the passage (where I said not to go earlier) the current will swoop you out and you will come out in an area with dolphins swimming around Central Hall.

Swim down and through the archway to find another engraved Tablet, click on it. Swim out and up out of Central Hall. Swim across the tops of here and head for some bubbles around G7 over the darker green shaded box on the map. Look at the bubbles and then towards the edge of the box in G8 you will see a flashing point containing a orange and black sea slug. Head down over the edge and you will find a passage into the ruins. When you enter it shows you that there is air at the top and perhaps you should look from above, stroke the Blotched Fantail Ray and head back out were you came from. Return to the bubbles from before and there will be a cutscene where the crack breaks open. Head down the hole that has opened and through a passage at the top of the room, here you will find another Tablet and two flashing points containing Inscription Pieces. Leave the room the way you came in. Head to G4 and swim through the passage to find another Tablet click and read.

Head over to I3 and swim down into the passage, you will find a flashing point on the wall with a Rippled Rockskipper, swim up but staying in I3 and you will see another flashing point on the upper right hand side, this contains another inscription piece. The rocks here contain Horseshoe Crabs stroke them to get their info and return to your boat.

Catherines Purpose

When you return there will be a cutscene with Catherine talking about your find, she then talks to you about the tablet inscriptions you saw then there will be a further cutscene with spooky music and a spooky chant

You will receive an email soon from an anonymous person telling you of impending doom .. it has something to do with the statue pieces you have found.

The next cutscene shows Catherine in the chair on the deck, she is thinking and wants to ask you something. She asks you if you have thought about the purpose in life, she is looking for her purpose in life

Go diving and explore some new areas then return to boat

You should now get another email about the statue pieces with a modern platinum style attached and another with a chic style attached.

You will also receive an email from Albert saying he is turning down an expensive equipment request .. skinflint .. oh well leave the cabin

Catherine talks about the mail received from Alfred she doesnt want to talk about it, AGAIN and wants to sit and think about her purpose again .. emo or what!!?? Oh well, may as well go for a dive as its this that appears to trigger the events, pick a section of the map .. I chose J9 and found the Secret Lake.

At the Secret Lake I found a Compass Piece in the centre of J9 and a Goddess Shell at the top left of J9 in the pale blue area on the map.

Patricks Pocket Watch

When you are done, return to the boat and you should receive a load of e-mails about the items you gathered at the ruins and one telling you to go to the Green Garden, as Catherine is not herself and there may be something there to help her.

Well Catherine still wont talk to you, so head to the Green Garden which is marked by a X and go diving. As you move forward it will show you a flashing piece, head towards it. You will find some Great Barracudas and Weddell Seals here so stroke them to get their info. At the flashing point you will find Patricks Pocket Watch, pick it up then have a look around, you will find a Storyboard Piece in the passageway with leafy sea weed on the floor (E1 bottom right). Return to the boat when you are ready.

Cue another cutscene oh she is talking to you now, you found her fathers pocket watch. Catherine then decides to tell you about her purpose. She tells you of a legend about a huge white animal called the white mother, a big white whale who showed itself to her father, who was then shunned for his discovery .. her purpose is to find the white mother. Now she wants some time alone again. If its night I suggest you rest till morning, if not go for a dive somewhere.

Looking for evidence of the White Mother

The next scene will show Catherine has been thinking about her search for the white mother and it asks you to help Catherine in her search I clicked yes, not sure what happens if you click no. She is grateful. Click on Catherine again and she will tell you her plan. She has marked the Abyss on the map and asks you to swim to the graveyard to find evidence of the white mothers existence so head back to the abyss and dive down with your partner to the graveyard, stroking fish and using your pen where necessary.

When you get to the Graveyard Catherine will talk to you again and asks if you can see anything yet give me time, I just got here! Move a little forward and she will say ..whats this, you will see your dolphin hovering over a spot, go to it and you will be asked to collect a sample, you will automatically collect it so swim around a little more, you should find some glass squid in a flashing point near the bones on the floor in the centre. Return to the boat when you are ready

Catherine will greet you and thank you for the sample. She says she will consult a specialist about it. Catherine will not do anything more now while she waits so go move your boat to an area you want to uncover. If she still doesnt talk to you when you come out of the cabin, go diving for a while.

Finding the Whales

The next scene will be Catherine saying she has received some info on the sample; it was a Fin Whale, closely related to the Blue Whale. Catherine now wants you to gather information on the indigenous whales of the area. If you click on her again she will tell you there are four species of Whale that inhabit Manaurai. If you have been following this guide you should have seen two of them already. Catherine says that she hasnt caught sight of a Humpback Whale yet and tells you G4 is on their migration route. Head to G4 which is marked on your map.

Swim around, you will find some Clown Anemonefish at a flashing point in some coral in the bottom left of F4 and very close by you will find a Cassette Tape in another flashing point, pick up the cassette and look for the third flashing point close by containing yellow clownfish, feed them to get their info. Head back over to G4/G5 and swim a little way down where you will see a bridge like formation. Pass through it to trigger a cutscene showing the Humback Whale. Stroke the whale to get its info and return to the boat.

Talk to Catherine, she now says she hasnt seen a Blue Whale and tells you may be able to find one in C2 so sail the boat over there and go diving.

Swim straight down and you will enter The Great Drop Off, then you will see the Blue Whale. Stroke it to get its info then take a swim around. There is a Southern Orange Lined Cardinal in a flashing point at the bottom left of D2 on the wall in the passageway, stroke to get its info and find another flashing point on the floor containing Tomato Clownfish on the floor, feed to get their info.

Head over to the top right corner of D2 in the E Manauri Hollow to find a Bronze Mirror Fragment in a flashing point.

Return and talk to Catherine she tells you about the four whales that you need to find and if you have been following this guide you should now have seen all four. Catherine needs another day to work out the white mothers route, and you should have received an email, so go read it then either rest until morning or go exploring some more.

Placing the Sensors

Rest again till morning when you are finished and Catherine will be ready to speak to you again. She tells you that she has worked out that there are five locations on the White Mothers migration route. She has persuaded Alfred to get you those sensors he decided you didnt need earlier. You receive the sensors.

Catherine tells you that the first location you need to go to is D2 at the Great Drop Off area in a passage leading to open sea. She tells you that once you reach the area she will guide you to the right spot. So head to D2. When you dive you will be asked if you want guidance, click yes and swim north. Follow the instructions [to the lower left of D2) and she will eventually say you have found the location and ask you to move closer to the coral, there is a flashing point up here containing a Bicolour Blenny, stroke it for its info then swim down to the coral in the passage below you, the sensor will automatically be placed so return to your boat

The next sensor is in H7 south east of Deep Valley near an underwater precipice, so move your boat and dive. Ask for her guidance and you will be told to swim a little deeper. Swim to the top edge of the crevasse and your sensor will be set. Over by the wall at the bottom of H7 you will find a flashing point containing a Luminescent Sea Slug, stroke it for its info and return to your boat.

The next spot to place a sensor is in E4 near a sloping region close to Knives Reef, you know the drill now .. head over there. Swim to the bottom corner of E4 and you will find the Sloping Hallway, head down it and you will see some Pacific White Sided Dolphin stroke them then follow the instructions. When you get close Catherine will ask you to move closer to the table coral on the edge. Move there and the sensor will be placed. Return to your boat again.

The next one needs to be placed at G5 north west of Deep Valley near a sudden drop. Move there and dive. Head over to the giant clam shell towards the left center of G5. After placing the sensor, return to your boat.

The final sensor needs to be placed at D8 behind Marige Atoll in an area facing open sea so head over there. Swim to the bottom left of D8 till you see a barrel sponge, place the sensor and return to the boat.

Catherine tells you that we just have to wait now. We will receive a report of the findings by e-mail. Not much to do until we get the report so go exploring. When you return to your boat you will receive and e-mail saying there has been a signal from the Great Drop Off sensor so head straight there.

The White Mother

Move to where you placed the sensor and it will trigger a cutscene where you see the White Mother. Catherine gets very excitable, swim over to the White Mother and click on it when you are close enough. Cue the end credits. When you are free, catch up to the White Mother and stroke it to receive your second piece of information and then return to the boat

You will be resting in your chair now and Catherine will thank you. Now when you click on Catherine she will just tell you to relax and enjoy you time however you like. Thats the end of the story side of the game but there are a lot more species and items to find so free explore wherever you want to reveal the whole of the map and go searching for new species and items. Check back with Catherine from time to time and she will suggest areas to dive from and give you information about items that you have found.

8. Permissions and Legal


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